COVID precautions

The health and safety of our clients has always been paramount to us at Heaven & Health but never more so than now, during this pandemic!

Here is what we are doing to keep our clients (and ourselves!) as safe as possible during this health threat:

  1. In an effort to reduce handling of paperwork and pens, we are emailing necessary forms and asking that they be returned to us by email prior to your appointment.
  2. We ask that you wait in the main lobby and call us to let us know you are here. This ensures that we have completely sanitized the treatment room, as well as all common areas of our office before you enter.
  3. Face coverings are required to be worn during your visit with us.
  4. Staff always wear masks (and sometimes shields) while providing your massage.
  5. On entry, we will ask that you sanitize your hands.
  6. We check your temperature with a remote forehead thermometer. (Staff is also required to have temperature checks each time we enter the building,)
  7. You will be asked a series of  questions regarding your current health, recent travel and proximity to potentially contagious individuals or groups.
  8. Every treatment room is equipped with a powerful HEPA filter system.
  9. Massage linens receive additional disinfection during laundering.
  10. Staff is being tested for COVID-19 regularly.

Your understanding and compliance with these protocols is very much appreciated as we all work together to combat this virus.