COVID-19 Safety

As more and more people are being vaccinated and the world is becoming a little safer, we have adjusted our COVID-19 protocols here at Heaven & Health:

  • Fully vaccinated clients will no longer need to have their temperature checked on arrival.
  • We will continue to ask our routine questions, including your vaccination status.
  • Staff will remain masked at all times.
  • Staff is vaccinated for COVID-19.
  • Clients will be required to wear masks on entry and in all common areas of the building.
  • Social distancing of at least 3 feet will be maintained.
  • HEPA filters will continue to run in all treatment rooms.
  • Rooms will continue to be fully sanitized between clients.

Online Gift Certificates

Did you know that Heaven and Health offers the opportunity to buy gift certificates online? Certificates can be bought for yourself, a loved one, or just someone who could really use a treat. Gift certificates can be purchased for any dollar amount or you can select from the following services:

  • half-hour sessions
  • one hour sessions
  • 90-minute sessions

See our services page to see which massages we offer and purchase gift certificates that can be used in the future.

Wellness On A Higher Level

If you are looking for excellence in massage therapy, you have come to the right place—welcome to Heaven and Health. Our team of nationally certified Licensed Massage Therapists provides a range of professional, therapeutic services such as:

  • Medical Massage
  • Deep Tissue
  • Swedish Relaxation

Medical Massage

Medical Massage is designed specifically to reduce pain and restore normal movement following an accident, illness or injury. Incidental pain shouldn’t define your ability to move and have a fulfilling life. Let us help you move toward a place of wellbeing and function.

We can work with you to find out if Medical Massage is covered by your insurance and bill them on your behalf.

Auto Accident Injuries

Whether you have been in a high impact collision or a fender-bender, injuries are common following an auto accident. Medical massage is highly effective in treating injuries such as:

  • Whiplash
  • Back pain
  • Muscle spasms

We even help you bill your insurance company directly. Let us help you get back to a healthier, happier life with the freedom to move with less pain.

Worker's Compensation

Workplace injuries can have significant impact on your quality of life. Massage can promote healing and restore your health.

  • Falling
  • Slipping
  • Overexertion

These are just some of the ways that employees injure themselves at the workplace. At Heaven and Health, we work with you to bill your insurance company directly and get you back to work feeling confident that you’re able to work effectively and with less pain.

We accept Auto Accident and Worker’s Compensation cases and will bill insurance companies on your behalf.

The Benefits of Massage

Massage is effective in reducing or eliminating pain, reducing stress and muscle tension and promoting relaxation. Some health benefits include:

Reduced pain
Release from stress and anxiety
Release of muscular tension
Increased range of motion
Quicker recovery time from exercise and injury

Client Satisfaction

Your complete satisfaction is very important to us and we work hard to ensure your experience is always higher than your expectations. We take the time to understand you so as to customize each massage to suit your individual needs. Come visit us and enjoy our uniquely British office, complete with authentic red telephone booth!

Excellent deep tissue massage with Naomi. Naomi is extremely knowledgeable and knows how to release trigger points and use stretches to get to the root of the tightness. Very relaxing environment also!
- Liz B.
I received reflexology treatment for the first time. Marie was amazing! Following a relaxing session which was great for my feet and body, Marie educated me on all of the pressure points in my feet and how they correlate to my organs, systems and body parts. I highly recommend you give her a try!
- Lisa D.
From the moment I called for an appointment for the first time to latest appointment, Helen with the booking and Paula with her magic fingers have treated me like a queen. Paula carefully listened to all my body aches and pains and then went to work with a professional finesse. Her attention to detail allowed my body to begin feeling better - I could walk better and relax better too. Book a massage, you won’t regret it.
- L.L.

Are you ready to schedule an appointment with us?

Come see us today and start your journey toward a happier, more relaxed life.


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