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Introducing our new Massage Therapist, Cybèle Brenner-West!

Cybèle (pronounced Sa-Belle) is a recent graduate of the Academy of Massage and Bodywork. Born and raised in California, she is now enjoying the natural beauty of... learn more

Boost Your Health From the Ground Up: How Reflexology Can Help

Reflexology is a non-invasive, complementary therapy which uses pressure on the hands, feet and ears to address whole-body health concerns. During a reflexology... learn more

Finding Relief and Recovery: Massage Therapy for Personal Injury and Workers’ Comp

The aftermath of a personal injury or work-related accident can leave you feeling physically and emotionally drained. Pain, stiffness, and limited mobility can... learn more

Meet Our March Therapist of the Month: Geraldine Celestin

Geraldine is a graduate of the Academy of Massage & Bodywork. In addition to her massage therapy education, she is also a trained physical therapist, giving her... learn more

Baby on Board, Stress in Tow? Discover the Magic of Prenatal Massage

For anyone who’s experienced pregnancy or supported a pregnant woman, we know how taxing the process of carrying a baby can be, both physically and... learn more

Meet Our Therapist of the Month, Theresa!

Congratulations to our Massage Therapist of the Month, Theresa Talley! Theresa came to Heaven & Health in January 2023 and she has been an amazing addition to... learn more

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