Lymphatic Drainage Massage: How It Can Benefit You

Lymphatic drainage massage, also known as manual lymphatic drainage, is a gentle form of massage used to relieve painful swelling in your arms and legs caused by lymphedema. Lymphedema can occur following surgeries involving the lymph nodes – such as neck and breast surgeries. Infections and other traumas of the lymphatic system can also be the cause.

Lymphedema happens when your tissues retain fluid left behind after your cardiovascular system sends blood to your tissues and organs.

Normally, your lymphatic system collects your lymph and returns it to your heart via a network of lymph vessels and lymph nodes. When something disrupts your lymphatic system’s process, such as surgery, radiation or trauma, lymph collects in certain parts of your body, making them swell.

A massage therapist uses lymphatic drainage massage techniques to move lymph from your tissues to your lymph nodes, which eases the swelling in your tissues.

In addition to treating lymphedema, this therapy can be very helpful for people with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, anxiety and many other conditions.

All therapists at Heaven & Health are trained in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, so if you know someone who could benefit from this treatment, please tell them about us, or come and try it out for yourself!