Massage for Mental Health

Just like we care for our bodies to maintain our physical health, managing stress and practicing emotional self-care is vital to maintaining our mental health. Thankfully, massage therapy is capable of both!

In the US, nearly half of all adults will experience a mental health challenge during their lifetime. Of the top 25 disorders associated with years lost because of disability, seven are major psychiatric disorders. Research has shown that massage therapy can be an effective tool for improving mental health on a biological level by reducing hormones related to stress and anxiety and boosting neurotransmitters that improve mood. Massage can help to alleviate feelings of depression and irritability that often accompany chronic pain, and can reduce inflammation and bolster the immune system.

Keeping our stress in check goes a long way towards bettering our physical and mental health. If you’ve been feeling blue or a little on edge, consider making massage a part of your self-care routine!