Meet Our March Therapist of the Month: Geraldine Celestin

Geraldine is a graduate of the Academy of Massage & Bodywork. In addition to her massage therapy education, she is also a trained physical therapist, giving her a deep understanding of the specific needs and concerns of her clients.

With her compassionate nature, diverse language abilities, cultural sensitivity, and commitment to ongoing learning, Geraldine brings a genuine desire to help others achieve optimal physical and emotional well-being through the transformative power of massage therapy.

Getting to Know Your Therapist Q&A
1. What is your favorite food? Sweet plantains

2. What is your favorite massage modality? I don’t have a favorite massage modality, but I enjoy Swedish massage for its relaxation benefits.

3. What do you like to do for fun? I enjoy watching series and movies.

4. What is your favorite massage technique? Deep tissue massage for its ability to relieve muscle tension.

5. Favorite place to vacation? I love vacationing in tropical destinations with beautiful beaches.

6. Why did you become a massage therapist? I became a massage therapist because I wanted to help people relax and feel better physically and emotionally.

7. Favorite Beatles song? “Let It Be”.

8. Why did you choose to practice at Heaven & Health? Because of Helen. I had the pleasure of touring her massage therapy center while I was a student and was impressed with the high level of professionalism and quality of care provided to her clients.

9. Name one thing on your bucket list. To travel to Africa and experience its culture and cuisine.

10. What’s something else about you that we might not know? I went skydiving on my birthday last year!