Surprising Benefits of Hand Massage

The hands can be one of the more neglected parts of the body. And while it may not be shocking to learn that hand massage can help relieve pain from arthritis, increase range of motion and promote blood flow, there are a number of benefits that are somewhat unexpected.

Anxiety – A 2017 study found that patients who received a hand massage prior to undergoing coronary angiography, experienced lower levels of anxiety. Another study from 2012 suggests that a hand massage administered prior to ophthalmology surgery with local anesthesia leds to decreased anxiety levels. To find the pressure point, place your hands palm up, trace a line from the space between your ring finger and pinky down to the dent just below the crease in your wrist. Massage the area for approximately 60 seconds.

Headaches – A 2015 review suggests a positive relationship between reflexology and headaches, specifically those caused by stress and anxiety. The are two points in your hands that may provide relief. The first is just below your wrist crease between the two tendons. The second is located in the fleshy webbing between the thumb and index finger.

*Low Back pain *- It is estimated that 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives. There are several pressure points in the body that can help to alleviate lower back pain. Specifically in the hand, place pressure on the fleshy webbing between the thumb and index finger for 60-90 seconds, repeat as necessary.

Constipation – Results from a 2010 study found a correlation between hand massage and constipation, resulting from both physical and emotional causes. This is the same pressure point to treat headaches and the lower back, located in the webbing between your thumb and index finger. Apply pressure to this spot for one minute, then repeat on the other hand.
As with any medical treatment plan, you should always consult a doctor before beginning. If you struggle with these or other symptoms, our experienced team of therapists can design a program to help provide you with relief. Give us a call to schedule your appointment! Try This: Hand Reflexology – Source