Introducing our new Massage Therapist, Cybèle Brenner-West!

Cybèle (pronounced Sa-Belle) is a recent graduate of the Academy of Massage and Bodywork.
Born and raised in California, she is now enjoying the natural beauty of Delaware.
She endeavors to be attuned to the energies of both the relationship between client and
therapist, and to the massage she offers. She feels that healing can take place most profoundly
when there is a connection forged with her clients. Thus, she listens to them physically and
energetically, attending to the smallest, but often very important, details. She uses her
intuitive abilities, merged with hands-on techniques, to provide a deeply healing experience to
her clients.

Cybèle enjoys creating a space that is beautiful, calm and soothing to all the senses. A space
where you can truly relax and receive the benefits of bodywork. She has a particular interest in
reflexology and is enrolled in a post-graduate certificate program in orthopedic/medical
massage technique.

Cybèle has studied many forms of dance and enjoys finding ways to express her creativity.
Cooking, bike rides, and her beloved cat, Turtle fill her heart with joy!