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Lymphatic Drainage Massage: How It Can Benefit You

Lymphatic drainage massage, also known as manual lymphatic drainage, is a gentle form of massage used to relieve painful swelling in your arms and legs caused by... learn more

Suffering From “Tech Neck”? We Can Help!

Oh, tech neck. The modern-day curse of our digital age. We’re all guilty of it – hunching over our smartphones for hours on end, scrolling mindlessly... learn more

Topical CBD: The Therapeutic Benefits You Need to Know

Topical CBD products have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their potential therapeutic benefits. Here are some of the most commonly reported... learn more

CBD Product of the Month: Coconut Salve

Did you know that on top of adding CBD to any massage session, we also offer a range of take-home products available for purchase? This month, we are highlighting... learn more

November 2022: Updates to COVID Office Protocols

Hello everyone, We felt it was time to assess our COVID protocols and update you so that everyone is clear on the policies we are choosing to keep in place. Heaven... learn more

News From The Corner Office: October 2022

First of all, the staff and I want to let you know how much we appreciated your calls, emails and condolences on the passing of our lovely Queen Elizabeth last... learn more

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