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COVID-19 Closure

In order to protect our clients and staff, we have chosen to remain closed for the time being. As the country slowly begins to emerge from its long... learn more

Pregnancy Massage: Dos and Don’ts

We would be hard pressed to find someone more in need of a massage than an expectant mother. The aches and pains can seem endless, sleeplessness plagues the nights... learn more

Dads Need Massage Too!

Father’s Day is quickly approaching. Ties, Amazon gift cards and the latest and greatest gadgets are no doubt flying off of shelves, as children everywhere try to... learn more

When Should I Skip the Massage?

“No”. It’s not a word massage therapists like to use, and yet, there are times when turning down or postponing a massage is best for a client’s well-being.... learn more

Massage Safety When Traveling

Vacations bring a sense of relaxation, pampering and extravagance that we just can’t get at home. Whether your perfect getaway is spent relaxing on a sandy white... learn more

Surprising Benefits of Hand Massage

The hands can be one of the more neglected parts of the body. And while it may not be shocking to learn that hand massage can help relieve pain from arthritis,... learn more

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